Taking Care of Mesial Of the Tooth

Have you ever heard your dentist saying “mesial of the tooth has a cavity”? Here, you may wonder about the language used for the examination of your own teeth, and then you may not be able to understand what this “Mesial of the Tooth” is. Well, it is not the matter to be ashamed of if you don’t know about the terms used by your dentists. They are the experts and they have their own terminologies. However, it is good to understand a few terms so that you will be able to know about your own oral health in an easier and effective manner.

Now, you can start learning about it by understanding what Mesial is. It is basically the forward-facing part of the tooth.

A few more terms to understand

Below are a few more terms which you can know about in order to enhance your ability to know a bit more about your oral health.

  • Occlusal: It is the chewing surface of the tooth.
  • Mesial: As mentioned above, it is the forward-facing part of the tooth. It is the surface which faces the teeth located next the tooth it is a part of.
  • Distal: It is the back side of the tooth.
  • Buccal: It’s the side of the tooth that faces cheeks. It is usually referred to as facial surface.
  • Lingual: It’s the side of tooth that is closest to the tongue.

Reason you should study tooth anatomy

Dentists are highly qualified people who know how to treat several kinds of dental problems which can be at advanced stages. While there are many problems they can take care of with the help of surgical or other advanced procedures, there are a few ones which require proper contribution from the patient’s side as well. In such scenarios, it could be pretty difficult for the dentists to tell the patients about condition of their oral health and to tell them about what to do if the patients are not fully aware about different areas of tooth anatomy. Hence, patients need to under several terms related to tooth anatomy in order to, at least, understand what their dentists are expecting them to understand.

Furthermore, you may be caring for your dental health but you usually take care of the dental hygiene and health by taking entire tooth into your consideration. the matter of fact is that you need to understand about each portion of your tooth so that you would be able to know which part of your tooth is not being treated by you in a way it should be taken care of.


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